Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 MixWizard Rack Mountable Mixer

RRP: £1,286.00

Price: £1,286.00

Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 MixWizard Rack Mountable Mixer

The Allen & Heath MIXWIZARD WZ3 16:2 16 into 2 Live Mixer With Built In Effects. Multipurpose compact mixer, with great sound, high quality and lots of really useful features. The WZ3 16:2 is a versatile, easy to use 16 mic/line channel mixer - the next generation of this industry standard multi-purpose design. Now in its 3rd generation, the legendary MixWizard range builds on its market leading status by adding a new mic preamp design and advanced grounding scheme, which both further enhance sonic quality. Other improvements include individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators, lamp socket and backup supply capability. Internal configuration options for channel aux sends and direct output are now on pluggable jumpers for user convenience, and the mixer is presented in a stylish new package.
Mono Inputs
8 or 16 mic / line channels with 4 band EQ, HPF, individual phantom power, 6 auxes, mute switch, signal and peak indicator leds and 100mm smooth action fader. A configurable direct out and insert using all-metal TRS jacks are provided.

Stereo Mix with AB out
Main output controlled by 100mm faders with 12 segment 3 color metering with insert. A-B output for additional L&R stereo output selectable pre or post L&R faders. Unique underpanel mode switch to configure A-B as a local monitor output for additional stereo monitoring.

Dedicated Mono Output
Mono fader feeds mono XLR output. Source select L+R sum or aux 6 mix for creating separate mono/C or aux fed sub mix.

6 Auxiliary Sends
6 auxiliaries: 1-2 prefade (option: link to follow pre/post switch), 3-4 switchable pre/post fade (option: permanently prefade) and 5- and 6 post fade (option to follow pre/post switch). Internal option to configure stereo channel L signal to odd auxes and R signal to even auxes. Aux masters are rotary controls with TRS outputs. The aux busses can be monitored in mono or related stereo pairs.

4 Band EQ plus HPF
Mono channels have separate controls for sweep and cut/boost on mid bands. HPF @ 100Hz is switchable.

2 Stereo Returns
(TRS) line inputs, routed via level controls to L&R mix. ST1 can feed aux 1-4. Note: the internal FX returns to ST1. The ST1 input allows external FX to be mixed in.

On-board Digital FX
32 FX programs with external midi editing / control. Can be configured in single mode (16 programs fed from aux 5) or Dual mode (8 programs fed from aux 5 plus another 8 programs fed from aux 6). FX are returned via ST1 to the mix, aux 1-4. The effects can be muted using a footswitch. WZ FX editor software is available from the website.

The MixWizard WZ316:2 features a built-in stereo digital effects processor. This can be configured to work as a single effects engine fed from AUX5, or in dual mode as two effects engines independently fed from AUX5 and AUX6. The processed signal is routed back to the mix through the ST1 (ST5) stereo return channel. In dual mode the two stereo effects mix together into the return channel.

  • 16 microhone/line channels
  • On-board Effects unit
  • Pro quality mic pre-amp section
  • 6 way auxillery mix channels
  • Long-throw 100mm faders provide great control
  • XLR input for talkback mic
  • Switchable Phantom Power & Mute on all channels
  • 4 Band EQ plus HPF, //