JTS SIEM-2 In Ear Monitor System Wireless

RRP: £319.99

Price: £275.00

JTS SIEM-2 In Ear Monitor System Wireless

The JTS SIEM-2 Wireless In Ear Monitor System:

This affordable in ear monitor has been long awaited
as more performers are used to having in ear monitors
instead of relying on floor-wedges. The SIEM-2 breaks the
price barrier for every musician and the channel 70, 863-
865MHz makes this system ready to go with no licence

Also - check this out...Ever had complaints from in-ear users that they feel isolated from the audience?... Not anymore! With the SIEM-2 system, its now possible to
connect a lavaliere mic to the beltpack so that you can
hear what is happening on stage without having to take
take the earphones out. There is a blend control to mix the in-ear signal with the stage-ambient sounds. (JTS CM201 Lavaliere mic not included - optional extra).

‧Developed with JTS advanced wireless technology.
‧Wired and wireless design for ambience.
‧UHF PLL 16 selectable channels.
‧Over 60 meters of stable operation distance.
‧Outstanding signal to noise ratio.
‧Light weight engineering plastic chassis.
‧Built in limit to protect hearing.
‧Very affordable.

SIEM-2T Transmitter
Carrier Frequency Range 863 - 865 MHz
RF Output Power 10 mW
Nominal Frequency Deviation (modulation) 40KHz
Audio Input Impedance 20kΩ
Nominal Input Level -20 dBV
Maximal Input Level 0 dBV
LED Display AF Level, Channel
Audio Input Connector 2 x Balanced XLR
Loop Out Connector 2 x 6.3mm Balanced Loop Out Socket
Operation Voltage 12-18 VDC, 600 mA
SIEM-2R Receiver
Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control
Carrier Frequency Range 502~960 MHz
LED Display Channel
Controls Power On/Off,
Channel selection,
Volume control
Audio Frequency Response 40~18,000 Hz
Output connector 3.5mm jack socket
Battery life 14 hours typical
Battery 2 AA batteries

JTS IE-1 High Definition Dynadriver Earphone:
This wideband dynadriver earphone reproduces full range of frequency, natural mids, and full highs and bass. It delivers sound musicians want and should be heard with full detail.
‧ Three pairs of silicon sleeve are provided with different sizes for best fitting and sound isolation.
‧ Human friendly mechanical structure ensures long time fatigueless wearing.
‧ Ergonomic design for long-time wearing without fatigue.

You can add further SIEM 2R beltpacks and in-ear earphones - please contact us for further details.

More information on the new channels and frequencies can be found at the JFMG website:

  • UHF PLL 16 selectable channels (channel 70 - no licence required)
  • Sound isolating headphones
  • Dual Mono - individual volume control
  • Transmitter Inputs: 2 x XLR/6.3mm Jack combo
  • Reduce hearing problems
  • Uses less floor space
  • Lighter than floor monitors
  • Reduces on-stage volume

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