NUX Time Force Delay/Time Looper Pedal

RRP: £105.00

Price: £95.00

NUX Time Force Delay/Time Looper Pedal

NEW for 2012! The NUX FORCE SERIES OF GUITAR EFFECT PEDALS: A great new range of dedicated guitar effect pedals designed to bridge the gap between multi-effects and single stomp boxes. Each concentrates on a specific type of effect genre and offers various modes, parameters and 9 user-programmable memories. Dual signal path allows a mix or stereo split of 2 independent effect patches. Overall, these are comprehensive, professional processors for the best possible range of guitar sounds.
•Dual pedal control and press-hold functions
•Dual independent signal path
•Digital rotary parameter controls
•Full colour TFT display
•In-depth system programming

Model Time force
Effects Multi-mode Digital Delay and 40 second Looper
Switch selectors On/Off, Tap tempo / Presets / Loop
Rotary controls Time, Repeat, Tweak, Mix
Connections R In, L in/mono, R out, L out/mono

Power supply 9Vdc (PP3 battery or optional PSU)
Dimensions 108 x 54 x 130mm
Weight 390g

  • Multi-mode Digital Delay (echo) with tap-tempo
  • Looper: record up to 40 seconds, repeat & play/jam over it
  • Rotary controls for Time, Repeat, Tweak & Mix
  • Connections Right input, Left input/mono, Right out, Left out/mono
  • Full colour backlit TFT display
  • Easy editing via 4 rotary encoders
  • Rugged, roadworthy construction
  • 9 user-programmable patches

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