QTX Sound QTFX-900 Smoke Machine

RRP: £79.99

Price: £64.99

QTX Sound QTFX-900 Smoke Machine

This premium quality 900W smoke machine features two new types of technology; MIRROR piping patent technology to reduce the rate of jamming and a special microcomputer temperature control system to preserve a high temperature for a longer time. The result speaks for itself as this unit efficiently and effectively produces more smoke compared to other machines in its class. The compact and lightweight design of the QTFX-900 makes it suitable for a small bar and nightclub use whilst being the perfect companion for the mobile DJ.

•High performance heating element
•10,000 Cu Ft (283m³) per minute (approx.)
•Anti-jamming pipe technology
•Intelligent microcomputer keeps the temperature high
•Illuminated tank to show when the machine is ready
•Removable tank for easy maintenance
•Small, robust and lightweight housing
•We recommend QTX Light Standard (160.643, 160.582) or High Grade (160.587, 160.588) smoke fluid for use with this machine
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Power 900W
Reheat time 4 min (approx.)
Smoke output (approx.) 10,000 Cu Ft (283m³) / min
Tank capacity 1.3l
Remote cable length 4.5m
Dimensions 125 x 170 x 230mm
Weight 3.06kg

OPTIONAL: Add Smoke Machine Fluid-
HIGH QUALITY SMOKE FLUID with high density and good stability. Ideal for use with all makes of smoke machine with power rating between 1000 - 5000W giving the best performance while leaving no residue from this non-toxic, water based fluid.

•High performance with dense effect
•For best results use in machines with power rating between 1000 - 5000W
•Leave no residue
•Non-toxic solution
•Suitable for use with QTX Light FX smoke machines: QTFX-1500 and DMX Low level fogger (160.446)
Density High
Colour of fluid Pink
Colour of fog Deep white
Dispersion Slow
Stability Good

OPTIONAL: Add a Wireless remote-control-
This wireless remote control is designed to control up to four QTX Light FX smoke/haze machines independently. Two LED indicators display whether the machine is ready for use or heating. (separate receivers for additional foggers are required).

•4 Dip switch channel select
•Powered by fog machine
•Keychain on the transmitter
•Magnetic receiver attaches easily to the machines.
•Compatible with: Smoke machines QTFX-900 & QTFX-1500 and Haze machines Hazer-FX900 & Hazer-FX1000
Operating frequency 433MHz
Operating range 30m
Weight 0.1kg

More Information

160.453UK QTX Sound QTFX-900 Smoke Machine
160.583UK High Quality Smoke Fluid, 5 litres
160.460UK Wireless remote for Smoke/Haze machines